Swim stroke analysis: $90.00 (follow up session is $55.00)

  • 60-90min session in the pool
  • video is taken above and below the surface, then reviewed
  • drills are suggested and demonstrated
  • workout suggestions are made
  • a DVD and write up with drills, and sample workouts are sent via mail within 1 week

Training with Power 101: $70.00 per hour

  • new to power? Kurt has 6 years of training and coaching with power
  • want to determine your zones, we can provide a  Critical Power test to help determine those
  • want to pace your next Ironman with watts, let Kurt help demystify this

Bike Fit: $100.00

  • Kurt has done hundreds of fits and considers himself an "aero geek"
  • After an initial assessment of your flexibility and racing style, Kurt will set you up in the optimum position for power and aerodynamics
  • All measurements are then quantified with a Fit Stik

Run gait analysis: $100.00

  • Video is used to determine your current running style
  • Drills are demonstrated and executed
  • A written summary and photo is sent within 1 week

Lactate Threshold Test: $70.00-$130.00

  • We use an incremental exercise test to determine the proper HR/Pace zones for each discipline
  • Test can be administered via RPE or blood draws with Lactate Pro portable analysizer
  • Done as a treadmill or stationary trainer session

E-mail Kurt for pricing on any other performance services. Kurt is also available for club and group presentations.