PERSONAL BEST: a commonly heard term in endurance sports. It usually signifies a breakthrough performance. You have hit a new best time or result for a given event.

About PBMC: We are a professional level endurance coaching company based in the Northeast USA. We work with motivated triathletes, runners and cyclist of all levels.

About our Coaches: PBMC coaches have years of experience working with athletes of all abilities and guiding them to new levels of performance. We only hire coaches that are dedicated to high levels of coaching education, improved coach : athlete relationships, and the highest standards. Our coaches are great athletes as well, but we realize a great athlete does NOT always equal a great coach.

About our coaching methods: All PBMC coaches use PROVEN endurance training methods to guide our athletes. We don't re-name existing scientific terms or styles; we don't have fancy catch phrase products that act as marketing tools for other coaches. Words like "specificity", "repeatability" and "sustainability" dictate our daily workouts, based on EVERY individualís needs and goals.

Results: PBMC coaches work with athletes from first-time Sprint triathletes, Elite ITU Juniors, Professional triathletes, National Champion cyclist and Ironman World Champions. Let PBMC get you where you want to be!

Please browse through our site, check out the services we offer and feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise.

Train with the best!

Kurt Perham
Founder/Head Coach

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